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MSE Deparment Scholarships

All Materials Science & Engineering department scholarships are awarded once a year. (Amounts vary from year to year.) An announcement to our undergraduate students will be sent by email when the application forms are available around March 1. Notification letters to scholarship recipients are mailed mid summer. All scholarships funds are awarded for the next Academic year.

Scholarship/Award Title

Selection Criteria

Richard A. Flinn Scholarship

Recipients will be selected on a academic basis.
James W. Freeman Memorial ScholarshipMerit-based to MSE Students.
John Grennan ScholarshipTo be used for studies related to foundry practice or technology.
Jack J. Heller Memorial Engineering ScholarshipMerit-based to MSE Students.
Fontana-Leslie ScholarshipTo award merit scholarships to students of high quality in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.
William Mikulas FundTo award merit scholarships to students of high quality in the materials science and engineering curriculum.
Karl Schwartzwalder Memorial ScholarshipTo support a student who transfers into the Materials Science and Engineering program.
Clarence A. Siebert Memorial ScholarshipMerit-based to MSE students
Alfred H. White Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding student from another college or university in the State of Michigan who transfers into the College of Engineering.
Brian Worth Prize

Candidates should have demonstrated academic excellence and should be active in the MMS. In addition, a broad range of involvement in University life, including social, cultural, and athletics is desirable.
James Lettieri Undergraduate Award

Awarded each academic year to a junior or senior undergraduate student who has achieved the highest cumulative MSE grade point average within the MSE Department.


College of Engineering Honors and Awards

A call for nominations goes out to all College of Engineering programs at the beginning of each Winter term. Self-nomination forms are also made available to all CoE students.

Program Awards

Distinguished Achievement AwardPresented to one undergraduate and one graduate student from each academic department to recognize academic and personal excellence.

College Awards

A.D. Moore:Presented to two outstanding sophomores or juniors who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership qualities, and outstanding contributions to co-curricular activities.
Harry Benford Award for Entrepreneurial Leadership:Presented to an undergraduate or graduate student who has exhibited entrepreneurial flair and leadership ability, and who has capitalized effectively on the technological and engineering resources available in the College of Engineering.

College Prizes

Mildred and Steele Bailey Prize:Presented to an outstanding senior who has demonstrated academic excellence, leadership qualities, and outstanding contributions to the University and/or community.
Marian Sarah Parker Prize:Presented to two outstanding women (one senior and/or one graduate student) who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership qualities and outstanding contributions to the University and/or community.
Arlen R. Hellwarth Prize:Presented to two undergraduate engineering student leaders who have made valuable contributions to the College.

Distinguished Class Prizes

Arthur B. Singleton Prize:Presented to an outstanding first year student who has demonstrated high scholastic achievement.
Charles F. Barth, Jr. Prize:Presented to an outstanding sophomore who has demonstrated academic excellence, leadership qualities, and outstanding contributions to the University and/or community.
Henry Ford II Prize:Presented to an outstanding junior who has demonstrated academic excellence.
Hugh G. Rumler Prize:Presented to an outstanding senior on the basis of sincerity, integrity, and goodwill; scholarship is desirable but of secondary consideration.


Foundry Education Foundation Award

This award is available to undergraduate students interested in metals, casting, or solidification. The recipients are selected once a year during the Winter term. Applications are available from Prof. Tresa Pollock who also makes the final selection of recipients.


TMS scholarships

Each year, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) awards more than $50,000 in cash and prizes to students studying metallurgy and materials science engineering. If eligible, you are invited to take part in these competitions and join the long list of talented students who entered previously and won. Application due dates, guidelines, and procedures can be found at the links shown below.

Scholarship Programs - http://www.tms.org/Students/AwardsPrograms/Scholarships.html
Outstanding Paper Contests - http://www.tms.org/Students/AwardsPrograms/PaperContests.html
Additional Contests - http://www.tms.org/Students/AwardsPrograms/OtherContests.html


ASM International Foundation

Since 1953, the ASM International Foundation and leading ASM Chapters nationwide have awarded scholarships totaling over $1 million. Currently 37 scholarships are awarded annually through the ASM International Foundation. The ASM Foundation Scholarship Awards and the ASM Foundation Technical & Community College Scholarship Awards are presented to student members through local ASM chapters. The following link will take you to the ASM Foundation home page where you can click on the Undergraduate Scholarship link on the left side of the page for further ASM scholarship information.