Research Opportunities

We believe in hands-on engineering from day one.  Materials Research Opportunities are available to undergraduates at all levels.





You may participate in research for credit, research for pay, or a combination of both. A partial listing of research opportunities available are shown below. We also encourage you to contact your favorite professors to find out about the most recent opportunities in their groups.


In addition to registering for MSE 490, students are required to fill out this form, complete with faculty signature, and return to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator.


Materials Research Opportunities for Undergraduates by Course #/Class Standing/etc.

Program1st year2nd year3rd year4th yearCreditPay
MSE 280 x x x
MSE 490 x x x
REU x x x x x
MSPS x x x x


REU: Research Experiences for Undergraduates

MSPS: Marian Sarah Parker Scholars Program


Materials Research Opportunities for Undergraduates by Materials Class

Materials ClassMSE 280MSE 490REUMSPS
Biomaterials x x x x
Ceramics x x x x
Electronic Materials x x x x
Metals x x x x
Polymers x x x x


The College of Engineering and the University of Michigan also offers two programs SURE and SROP to provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to participate in summer research.