Rules and Regulations

MSE 490 Research Problems in Materials Science and Engineering

A student may elect 2 to 3 credit hours of MSE 490 per term with a limit of 6 credit hours total. This involves either individual or group work on a project that is arranged at the beginning of the term by mutual agreement between the student and an MSE faculty member. Written and oral reports are required.



Elective courses in Humanities and Social Sciences and General electives may be elected Pass/Fail. No more than 4 courses or 14 credit hours whichever comes first can be elected Pass/Fail.

The decision to elect Pass/Fail must be made in the first 9 weeks of the term or first 4 and a half weeks of a half term.

Grades of C- to A+ will be recorded as P (Pass); grades of D+ or lower will be recorded as F (Fail). Neither will count in the calculation of the GPA.


Dropping a Course

During the first 3 weeks of a term, a student may drop a course on Wolverine Access without any notation on the transcript. To drop a course after 3 weeks (and before the end of the 10th week) students must take a Drop/Add form that has been signed by the instructor and the program advisor to the Student Services Offices. A "W" will appear on the transcript.

After the 9th week, Drop/Add forms must be accompanied by a petition documenting the extenuating circumstances with signatures of both the instructor and the program advisor. The petitions must show evidence of extenuating circumstances (e.g., severe health problems, prolonged illness in the family, etc.). Poor performance is not an acceptable circumstance. The petitions will be approved or disapproved by the Scholastic Standing Committee of the College of Engineering.



If a student needs to elect over 18 credit hours for a full term, the student must fill out a Drop/Add form, putting one of the courses on the form. The exact number of credits to be written on the form: (exact number, i.e. 20) credit hours."  Student must obtain department's Undergraduate Program Advisor's signature, then take the form to the Students Services Department for the College of Engineering