Ashwin Shahani

Assistant Professor

2034 H.H. Dow

T: (734) 764-5648




Ph.D., Northwestern University (Materials Science and Engineering), 2016
B.S., Cornell University (Materials Science and Engineering), 2012



Professor Shahani’s research interests fall at the intersection of solidification science and cutting-edge materials characterization. The solidification pathways of metals and semiconductors continue to be a phenomenon of great interest to scientists and engineers, involving a complex interplay of many physical effects. As such, Professor Shahani works toward unravelling the fundamental processes underlying the formation of crystals (both classical and quasicrystalline) from a featureless liquid.


The Shahani group will use synchrotron-based methods, including X-ray tomography, topography, and diffraction, to peer into the growth dynamics of crystals in realtime. Such studies would not be possible without the great strides in data sampling and reconstruction, computer hardware and storage, and algorithms for processing Big Data in a massively parallel environment. It is anticipated that this in situ and multimodal approach will open a new paradigm in the field of solidification science.