Robert Pehlke

Professor Emeritus

2042 HH Dow

T: (734) 764-7489



B.S.E. (Met. Eng.), University of Michigan, 1955.
S.M. (Met.), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1958.
Sc.D. (Met.), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1960.


Major research interests include computer modeling of casting processes, along with experimental and theoretical investigation of extraction, refining and metal processing systems. A major program on computer-aided design (CAD) of castings has focused on modeling of heat transfer and solidification of castings, and the integration of this information into optimization of the rigging, gating and risering of castings. Experimental studies of thermal properties and metal-mold behavior are underway to extend the supporting database for CAD systems. Computer and physical modeling of fluid flow in the tundish of a continuous steel slab caster has been conducted to optimize the processs and minimize transition slabs during continuous-continuous casting.