Liang Qi

Assistant Professor

2038 H.H. Dow

T: (734) 615-8086




Ph.D. (Materials Science and Engineering) University of Pennsylvania, 2009
M.S. (Materials Science and Engineering) Ohio State University, 2007
B.E. (Materials Science and Engineering) Tsinghua University, 2003


My research fields are investigations of the mechanical and chemical properties of materials by applying theoretical and computational tools, including first-principles calculations, atomistic simulations and multiscale modeling. My current major research interests are quantitative understanding of the intrinsic electronic/atomistic mechanisms for the mechanical deformation, phase transformation and chemical degradation (corrosion/oxidation) of advanced alloys, and the integration of these electronic/atomistic results with large-scale simulations and experimental characterizations in order to design advanced alloys with improved mechanical performances and chemical stabilities.


Berkeley, CA Department of Materials Science and Engineering (2012.92014.12)

University of California, Berkeley

Assistant Project Scientist

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Postdoctoral Associate
Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering

University of Pennsylvania

Boston, MA

Philadelphia, PA

Postdoctoral Associate
Department of Materials Science and Engineering (2009.8