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Yan Dong
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Elaina Anderson
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Talia Barth
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Kathleen Chou
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Kevin Fisher
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After working for two summers at Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation he was selected as a Rickover Fellow in Nuclear Engineering. As a member of the Marquis group in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the University of Michigan he will be examining materials topics of interest to the nuclear industry including corrosion films and stress corrosion cracking.
In his free time Kevin is an avid outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys hiking, backpacking, and camping, especially in the mountains of New York. He has also spent numerous summers canoeing in Algonquin Park, Canada. Kevin enjoys both running and biking and completed the Presque Isle marathon in Erie, PA as well as numerous sprint distance triathlons.

Ellen Solomon
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Precipitation in Mg alloys

Li-Jen Yu
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