Brian Love


2046 H.H. Dow

T: (734) 763-2013






B.S. Chemistry, University of Illinois, 1984
M.S. Metallurgical Engineering (Polymers), University of Illinois, 1986
Ph.D., Applied Science (Materials Science), Southern Methodist University, 1990


Our laboratory is focused on several themes:

1.) characterizing the structure and properties of photosensitive acrylates commonly used as photoresists, dental composite restoratives, cell immoblization substrates, and a number of other adhesive and coatings applications. Key considerations relate to the kinetics of polymerization and tracking thermophysical changes in resin attributes as a function of conversion. This element also includes dynamic modeling

2.) dispersions has focused on how particle dynamics in solution, stratification phenomena, adsorption phenomena on particles in dispersions, and particle-particle interactions are affected when ensembles of particles are dispersed in solution.

3.) newer initiatives are focused on evaluating the phase structure, stability, and driving force for ordering in aqueous amphiphilic copolymers solutions and dispersions, coupled with more detailed studies of micelle formation, short range ordering, etc. This has included rheology, DSC, and SAXS.

4.) protein denaturing both in neat solutions and in the presence of chaperone surfactants.

5.) harnessing stem cells separated from voluntary tooth extractions for subsequent use as a bone forming tissue engineering strategy for multiple myeloma, (MM).


1993-2007: Professor, Dept of Materials Science and Engineering, Virginia Tech
2004-2007: Adjunct Professor, Dept of Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech
2001-2007: Core Faculty and Professor, Virginia Tech/Wake Forest School for Biomedical Engineering
Other adjunct appointments:
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Georgetown School of Medicine
1991-1993: NIH Postdoctoral Training Fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology, Department of Materials Engineering, Atlanta, GA
1996-1990: Process Engineer, Texas Instruments: Defense Systems and Electronics Group, Dallas, TX


Nominee, WL Wine Award for Teaching Excellence, 2007
Dean's list for Teaching Excellence based on Student perceptions at Virginia Tech: 2004, 2002, 1998, 1994
Visiting Professorship, Universite Claude Bernard, LYON France, 1996, 1999
NIH Post-docotoral Fellowship, 1991-1993
Editorial Boards

  • Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, 2002-present
  • Journal of Adhesion, 2003-present