About the MSE GSC

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is a student organization with the purpose of bettering the life of the MSE graduate student body. Last year, our aim was to focus on curriculum concerns. This year, we are continuing to follow-up with these concerns, as well as work to improve advisor/student relationships in the department. Each class of students has an elected representative; these representatives provide a method to reflect the concerns of students at all stages of their degree program.


Current class representatives: 

  • 5+ Year Rep - Eleanor Coyle

  • 4th Year Rep - Alan Olvera 

  • 3rd Year Rep- Alex Chadwick 

  • 2nd Year Rep - Jill Wenderott 

  • 1st Year Rep - Ben Derby

  • Masters Rep - Taylor Hirvo


We also provide activities for students to get together and socialize. As a department, we are spread out over several buildings, and may not see our fellow students on a day to day basis. We try to maintain a sense of community by giving students a chance to interact with one another on a regular basis through events. 



Aeriel Murphy

MSE GSC President




Over the past year, the GSC has organized study breaks, coffee hours, a haunted hayride, a chili cook-off and practice talk sessions. We are also responsible for setting up the meeting that took place this summer between Amit Misra (the new department chair) and the graduate student body. 

Combined with these events, the GSC has put forth a large effort to better the curriculum. Because of our efforts, combined with the comments from the graduate students, the faculty and staff are working to make materials-relevant courses in other departments meet the degree requirements. 

As another way to ensure that students know what classes are being taught each semester, a link to the current class list has been posted on the MSE website (http://www.mse.engin.umich.edu/graduate/courses/winter-2017). We were also able to get syllabi for many courses added directly to the departmental website, where students can readily access them.